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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ashlyn's Pay It Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is to me is a smart idea because even though you think 3 people are being helped, and that's not a lot, but once it spreads you think wow, I didn't realise how many people were affected.
Part 2
My pay it forward was collecting a lot of non - perishable food items (I think it was like 44) that was donated to the Winnipeg Food       
Harvest. I chose this activity because many people do die of diseases from an inadequate supply of food like severe malnourishment and scurvy. So I chose to help out those who can't eat every day like I can. What I did to help others out is I went door to door asking for donations and I collected quite a bit. My mom helped me carry all the food and give me moral support. I did my good deed on Halloween 2012, while my sister went trick or treating.

Part 3
My turn out was pretty good. Some people ran out of non - perishable food items by the time I came knocking and some people just said no, but I got quite a bit of goods. They also ended sneaking some candy in my bag, but unfortunately, that was not able to be donated. I felt pretty proud of how much I was able to collect, but the next day, I felt miserable because I carried all of it myself and there was a lot of heavy cans in there. The people whom I asked were a little confused, like they were thinking, "What? This person doesn't want candy? Do I have non - perishable food items? I hope I 
do, so I can look like a good person." I told those who gave me food 
that some other students may also request non - perishable food items so don't be surprised. Most people thought for a moment to make sure they did have something to give or felt weirded out like why would someone go for a request like that instead of candy.

Part 4
The idea of pay it forward is important is that you help others and they each help others and it spreads (a form of diffusion, if anyone noticed) and everyone is aided. My act of kindness will help plenty of people feed on something instead of becoming malnourished or anything like that.

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