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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alyssa's Fraction Scribepost

This post is the answers to number's 4 c and d, 8, 11 page 208-209


How many times does 1/5 go into 2?                                                                  

   Share 1/5 between 2 groups                                  


 How many times does 5/6 go into 4?

 Share 5/6 between 4 groups




if you still don't know how to divide fractions go watch this video

 My Test Corrections 



  1. Great post, Alyssa! I like how everything is so neat and easy to understand. Try to add a link to something useful next time. Wonderful job, overall!

  2. I really liked how you showed you're work, and everything is very neat and very easy to understand. it's really awesome that you had words, pictures and videos! Next time you should put a link too! Good Job!

  3. Great job, Alyssa! I liked how you explained everything so clearly and it was easy to understand. Your picture are so neat and readable. The video helped me a lot in dividing fractions. Next time you should add a link to help us practice our learning. You did great job though!

  4. Nice job Alyssa! Everything looks very neat and organized, and easy to read! I liked your video a lot! It really helped me understand fractions more!But next time you should add a link! But overall good job!

  5. Quite neat and detailed. But next time, I suggest making the pictures smaller because 1 of your pictures was a bit cut off, but aside from that, nice job.