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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stephanie's Fraction Scribepost

Dividing Fraction by a Whole Number 1.
5. Determine each quotient. Use the fraction strips to show your work. your picture is out of 3, and the question is 1/3. So you need to shade in 1/3. then it says that it needs to be divided by four. So in each box you divide it by 4.
7. Jim and two friends offered to help Jim's father paint a room. There is 2/3 of a can of paint. if the paint is shared evenly, how much paint will each person get? a) Write a division question to answer this question.
8. A board that is 3/5 of a metre long is cut in half. What fraction of a metre is each piece?
8b) Use some sort of model to show the quotient.
My Test Corrections
I made a mistake on this question, because I did the reciprocal. Instead of just converting it into an improper fraction and multiplying it.
I made a mistake here, because I didn't convert the mixed fraction to an improper fraction.
I made a mistake, because I did it the reciprocal way, when I was just supposed to multiply the two fractions.
How many groups of 1/3 are there in 1/4?


  1. I like how you showed how you got the answer, I also like that you had pictures, words and a video. Your writing and pictures are a little bit too small, I can't really see what you did, so I think you should change that, and I also think you should recheck your label and put 'scribepost' instead of 'scribe post'. Good Job though!

  2. Great post, Stephanie! I like how you explained how to do it and how you added pictures. I think your pictures are great. It looks small, but if you click it, it gets enlarged anyways. Next time, try to find a link to something useful.

  3. Good job, Stephanie! I liked how you showed different ways on getting the question answered. I also liked how you explained with words and picture. Next time you make your pictures a bit clearer, but overall your pictures are great! Also you should add a link about dividing fractions or anything related to the scribepost. Lastly, next time you should edit your font and maybe put your questions and answers separately, so its easier for people to understand which the answer is and which is the question. Great job!

  4. Neat, good spacing, and simple yet it shows how to do it properly. Very nice job.