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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soklang's fraction scribepost

feel free to leave a comment, and maybe add whatever i missed on dividing fractions. thanks and enjoy. Soklang's Fractions test corrections.


  1. Great post, Sok Lang! I like how you added a video. Next time, spell properly and capitalize certain words.

  2. Good job, Sok Lang! I like how your video was related to fractions. Next time, you should explain a bit more on what we took notes on or maybe drew a model showing 6 halves and explaining how you got the answer from there, so that we can understand what you were trying to explain about the fractions.

  3. I like how you put in a picture and a video. But next time I think you should make your own pictures on paint that show what you are doing and also explain more on what you are trying to explain to us. Good Job!

  4. I think adding a few words to explain the process would make this post more understandable in my case. But I really liked the video and picture.