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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Angela's Fraction Scribe Post

In this post, I'll be explaining how to answer questions 5 a) and b), 9, and 12 from our textbook.

 I answered it this way:

                  I also modeled it like this

* Reciprocals are 2 fractions that equal 1.
The answer is 3/10

I used the same method I did for 5 a.

Now simplify 2/18, so it's 1/9.
The answer is 1/9.

9.Ingrid runs 3 laps of a track in 1/4 h. On average, how much time does she take to run 1 lap? Express your answer.
a) You divide 1/4 h by 3 laps.

It takes her about 1/12 of an hour to run 1 lap.

b) An hour contains 60 minutes, so I multiplied the answer I got from 'a' by 60.
It takes her about 5 minutes to run 1 lap.

12. It takes 4/5 of a roll of ribbon to wrap six packages. What fraction of a roll does it take to wrap three packages?
Here's the long way for solving this problem.
First, I had to find the unit rate. How much ribbon/package?

Now multiply 2/15 by 3. That equals 6/15. Simplify that to 2/5. So, it takes 2/5 of a roll of ribbon to wrap 3 packages.
The easiest way to do it is 4/5÷2. Either way works fine.
Here's a short video on how to divide fractions.

Here's a way to practice dividing fractions.

Feel free to critique my post by leaving a comment below!

My Fraction Test corrections.

In computer terminology, a bit is 1/8 of a byte. How many bits equal 16 bytes?
I got this question wrong because I multiplied instead of dividing. I thought it would be solved by finding out 1/8 of 16, but nope. You have to find out how many groups of 1/8 go into 16 by dividing.

There are 128 bits in 16 bytes.

Use a question, picture and math to solve the following questions

5/6 x 1/2=
For the question, I messed up by putting a sentence: 5/6 of 1/2. The question I should've written is What is 5/6 of 1/2?
For the picture, I drew it incorrectly.

I did the math correctly. The answer I got was 5/12

I lost a mark by, yet again, putting a sentence instead of a question: Share 1/4 between 1/3. The question should've been, How many group of 1/3 are in 1/4?

I lost another mark because I had no idea how to model dividing fractions when it's a small number÷greater number.
*I was away when this was taught and no one would tell me how. I should've asked the teacher for help, but I was too scared to. Classmates, remember to ask questions so you don't end up failing tests like me.

The best way to do this is make their denominators the same, so it's easier to compare. 1/4 is now 3/12 and 1/3 is now 4/12.

I also did the math correctly for this one. The answer is 3/4.


  1. I really like how your post is very neat and understandable, I also like that you showed how you got your answer. I also like that you had pictures, words, a link. I think you should recheck your label and put 'scribepost' instead of 'scribe post'. Good Job!

  2. Great job, Angela! I liked how you showed more than one way on how you got your answer and how you explained with words on what you did. I also liked how your pictures were neat and readable and how you included a video and link to help us understand more. I think you should change two things in your post. In question 5) instead of 'd' change it to be instead and for your labels change 'scribe post' to one word. Overall your post was excellent!

  3. Very nice job, Angela. You showed how to do it properly, helped much more with the pictures and circling what you got.

  4. Great job, Angela! It's very detailed and includes a lot of pictures and a video to explain it better. Your post is easy to understand. This really helps me. Great work!

  5. I like the way you use plenty of detail to help me understand different ways how to solve division problems. Thanks!