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Monday, February 11, 2013

Alyssa's Scribepost

Homework booklet 

8. Circle the table(s) of values that show a linear.

9. The table of value represents a linear relation.

a. Graph the ordered pairs.

b.What is the difference in value for consecutive x-values?
  Each number is added by 1. eg.  1+1=2, 2+1=3 etc.

c. What is the difference in value fir consecutive d-value?
 Each number is added by 3. eg. 3+3=6, 3+6=9 etc.

d. The d-value is 3 times the x-value.

e. Write an expression for d in terms of x.

10. For what number of hours is cheaper to rent by the day rather than by the hour? 
   I think the cheapest is the day, it's $80 a day and 1 day is $80 plus insurance is $90.
   If you rent it for hours it would be more expensive, it would have been $100 for 5 hours plus  insurance is


11. The following pattern of triangles continues. The side of each triangle is 2cm.

# of triangles + 1
Perimeter(cm) +2 

b. Draw a graph for the table of values.

c. Describe the relationship shown on the graph.
 It is a linear relation, the same numbers repeating. eg. number of triangles added by 2 and perimeter is added up by 1.

d. What is an expression for the perimeter in terms of the number of triangles.
 2 times the number plus 4 is P

c. If the pattern continues, what is the perimeter when there are 30 triangles?
2 x 30 + 4 = 64  


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  1. Excellent post, Alyssa! I like how neat everything is and that you stuck to a red and black colour scheme. You explained your answers very well. I also admire how you included examples. For number 10, it asked how many hours instead of what's cheaper. You still kind of answered it regardless because you included 5 hours. Expressions don't need an equals sign so for 11 d, you could've just put 2n+4. It's an equation when you include equals signs. Next time, add a helpful link and a video. Overall, you did a very awesome job on your post!