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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lloyd's Algebra Scribepost

Ch.9 Chapter Review 

7. Klaus works after school. The graph shows his rate of pay.
b) Yes it represents a linear relation because the points lie on a straight line and its a recursive pattern.
c) Yes its possible because you work in not whole hours.

10.The table of values represents a linear relation.
b) The difference in the consecutive A values is 1 and the difference in the consecutive B values is 4.
c) 4 times A plus 1 equals or 4a+1

12. Speedy print shop charges $2 for the the first colour copies and $1 for each additional colour copy.
b) No because the points don't lie on a straight line and the cost($) is not a recursive pattern
c) c+1
d) 13

13. Craig travels at constant speed in kilometers per hour. The formula d= 15t represents the relationship.
a) d represents distance and t represents time
b) 15 represents how many kilometers Craig travels per hour.
e) Yes its possible because you could travel in not whole hours.
f)120 km

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