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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jessica's Algebra Scribepost

Hello everybody.
For my scribepost I have to do 4 questions. 

The First Question I want to show you is
#1 and #2 (only counting as one)

1a) You can graph a linear line relation represented by a formula or equation.
1b) First make a table of values Check that the values in the table are reasonable
1c) Then, graph using the ordered pairs in the table
2) whenever possible choose variables that are meaningful. For example, d for distance and t for time.


This is questions for #3  also the answers for 3a)

I got these answers because I said 1=20 2=40 3=60 4=80 5=100 and so on...
I think most people should get this part because it's just adding 20 each time after 30

3b)this picture shows that the graph goes up by 20 on the y axis and up by 1 on the x axis
it has to be up by the same number each time.
3C) Yes because there is half a minute(30 seconds) and half a litre.

Next I'm going to do #5
#5 i can described without pictures.

5a) 3x -1=y and x=5
so 3(5) -1=y
15 -1 =y

5b)4x +1=y  and x=-3
4(3) +1=y
12 +1=y
5c)-x=y when x=-4

7a) the coordinates are (0,4)
7b) the y-co-ordinate is 1 
7c) The value of y is 14

Thank you, hopefully you understand this.. 

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