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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chiara's scribe post

Page 339

10. a. I don't think anyone wants 2 and a half of a flower.

11. a. (40, 2)
      b. 40 represents the amount vested.
      c. For every 20 amount invested, you get one simple interest
      d. The simple interest for $180 is 11

12. a. 0        0
         1        4
         2        8
         3        12
         4        16
         5        20
         10      32
    b. For every side length (cm), you add 4 perimeter (cm)
    c. Yes, because you can have a 1.5 side length.
    d. Yes, it does have a liner relation because the dots are in a line, and you can make the stairs.


  1. Nice work, Chiara! I like how you have lots of numbers and words in your post. The only thing that doesn't seem quite well is that you didn't post up a picture to go with the questions. But other than that, good job.

  2. Good job, Chiara. It seems that you left some things blank, but you did what you knew very well. You misspelled 1 or 2 words, so you should proofread your work. It'd also be great if you made a picture.

  3. Thank you for taking on the respnsibility of being the scribe. A good scribe has diagrams, words and explanations about the work of the day. You have given your answers to the questions but have not shown us what we need to know. Please add images, videos, and descriptions of the math so that we become better students.

  4. Good work, Chiara! I like how your scribe is nice and neat. But some things are not answered. You also didn't add a video, link or picture. So next time add that! Overall, great job!