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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rina's Scribe Post

Chapter Review pg. 360-361

8. The graph shows a linear relation.

a) Describe what the graph is about.
-  income of the number of cars being washed

b) Describe patterns on the graph.
- it goes over one, up 10

c) What is the cost of one car wash?
- each car is washed for $10

d) Make a table of values from the graph. 
e) If 15 cars are washed, what is the income for the Grade 8 class?
- 15 x 10 = $150

a) They are far apart. They go over 2, up 9.





b) Yes, it's linear because it's in a straight line.

c) Yes, because you can have half an hour or a dollar and fifty cents.


b) The y axis goes up by 4
    The x axis goes up by 1

c) You times the x axis by 4 then add 1 to the y
   The expression would be 4x + 1 

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