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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jandro Austria's Algebra Scribepost

Question 1:


b)   b= 4(f)
      b= 4(60)
      b= 240 
There are 240 dots in 60 figures because the formula for this question is b=4(f) which means Black dots equal figure number ( 60 for example) multiplied by 4 which is equivalent to 240 dots in 60 figures. Thats  how I got my answer.

Question 2:

a) The graph is about a grade 8 car wash and that there getting paid $10 income per 1 car they wash
b) The pattern on the graph is linear and as you can see the x-axis always goes up by 1 consecutively and the y-axis goes up by 10 consecutively 
c) The cost of 1 car was is $10 and I figured this out by finding out the formula which is I= 10(c), I is income and c is number of cars.

e) I= 10(c)
    I= 10(15)
    I= 150
After washing 15 cars, the grade 8 students would end up with a $150 income, I found this out by using the formula which is I= 10(c).

Question 3:

a) 1 zap would cost $3 ( just like the graph shows)
b) The pattern this graph shows is that the coordinates go over 1 up 3 and this is also a linear pattern
c) If you placed a point at (0,0) it would represent that there are 0 cans and $0 spent

Question 4:


b) This graph linear relationship because the the coordinates go over 1 up 9 and as you see on the graph it is a straight line.

c) Yes it is possible because he can work (for example 2 hours and a half) because you can half or divide hours into 2 or 4.

sorry I could not upload the video, the only way I could let you see the video is to link it, I suggest this video for people that need some help, and some people that like advance problems, this is a great video for you.

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