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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Angela's Algebra Unproject

In this post, I'm going to show how to solve a 2 step multiply, 2 step divide and a distributive equation. I'll also include a video I made on how to model each.

Vocabulary Words:

Co-efficient: It is the number, negative or positive, that you multiply the variable with.
ex)  2x+3=9

Constant: These are the number parts of the equation. They stay the same.

Variable: A variable is a letter that represents an unknown number.

2 Step Multiply
To find x, you have to get the variable alone. To do this do the opposite. Subtract 2 and divide by 3. You must do the same to 8 so the equation will be balanced.

Now you must verify to make sure you got it right.

2 Step Divide

In this case, you must add 3 and multiply 4 to isolate the variable. What you do on one side you do to the other.

Now verify to make sure it's correct.

For distributive you have to multiply whatever's in the brackets by the number on the outside. In this case, 2 multiplied by x and 2 multiplied by 3. Now that the brackets are out of the way, isolate the variable like how you would for 2 step multiply.

Verify to make sure you did it correctly.

Now all that's left to do is modeling!
Here is a short video I made

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