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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pamela's Algebra Unproject

Hi guys. I'm here to talk about algebra. Today I'm here to show you guys 2 step multiplying equations, 2 step dividing equation, 3 step algebra equation and last but not least distributive equation. 

Before I show you the work. I would like you to read our song that Jordy and I wrote together.  

"Gonna make me fail grade 8,
with just a bit of crazy math
These desperate times call for desperate measures
I'll give you something to cry about,
Show some numbers, and letters
and be cache.
How could you let this get to desperate measures?
For a first effort, this was pretty hard
I guess this just got kinda difficult. 
 Trust us, you just fell off the honor roll baby. 
I can't let, can't let this, can't let this GO OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOOH
Desperate measures, can't let this go.
Have a Canadian dream of passing my math test.
Wake up on Monday, receive the test and say "Thank you" I'd like some desperate measures please.
For a first effort, this was pretty had.
I guess this just got kinda difficult.
Trust us you jut fell off the honor roll baby.

Definition Words: 
Distributive Property- The sum of the two addends multiplied by a number is the sum of the product of each addend and the number. 
Variable- A symbol or letter used to present a number.
Constant- A quantity that doesn't change it's value. 
Coefficient- A number multiplied by a variable in a algebraic expression.

First will start of with 2 step dividing equation: 

First you would like to isolate the variable which is (2) by making a zero pair for your constant you would have to do the same thing on the other side. 



Now you would have to multiply your variable and also the other side. 

 2x  = 4
   2     2

  x= 2

Last thing we do is Verify our answer, but first we gotta rewrite the equation. 


Now we are done. 

2 Step Multiplying Equation: 


First of all you have to isolate the variable. by isolating it you have to make a zero pair. Don't forget to do the same thing on the other side. 


After that you gotta balance them by dividing both sides by the coefficient. 
2x = 8
2      2


Were done. If you want go watch this video. 

Distributive Property: 

Last thing I'm going to teach is Distributive equations... 
3 (6+x) = 10
First of all you must multiply the constant and the variable. 
3 (6+x) =10
Then you would solve it with 2 step multiply equation. 
3x= 8
3x  = 8
3      1

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