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Monday, November 19, 2012

Jessica Fraction Scribepost


My Turn to do the scribepost

Hopefully you can understand it.

This first picture is 1/10 divided by 1 / 5

Hopefully you can understand this first picture

 this second picture is 3 1/6 divide by 1 2/3
This 3rd picture is showing how to solve 2/9 divided by 5/6
Those are the 3 questions that I had to do. Hope you get them or I didn't mess upp. Hopefully

If you need more help than please go watch

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please comment below,.

Jessica Hartog


  1. Good job Jessica on making your post. Overall, it's good, easy and understandable. There are downsides however, sorry to bring these up. First of all the pictures are kind of blurry, probably the dark lighting. Second, there is no link, I know the video is a link but what I mean is a link to a site that can help people. But again, overall, it's good. By the way you spelled up wrong.

  2. Good job. The picture was blurry it was hard for me to see the picture. My suggestion for you next time is do the picture on paint so its not blurry and put a website than can help people.

  3. I can understand it nicely good work like the pics

  4. It's not bad but you didn't show a lot of explanations, the pictures could have been better by not moving the camera, but yeah it's pretty good.

  5. Good job Jessica! Your pictures were just a little hard to read, but I still understood your explanation. Good post.

  6. Nice job, Jessica! Your pictures were kind of grainy, but I can still make out what you were trying to say. Maybe next time, you can embed your video into your post instead of pasting the URL in. Great job!

  7. Your pictures were a bit hard to see, but your explanations and how you showed your work is very well done, I think next time you should embed the video and have a link to a good site. Good Job!