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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jalaire's Fraction Scribepost

Today in class we learned how to solve dividing fraction statements, how to model them, put them on a number line and 3 ways we can rewrite the fraction statements.

3 ways we can rewrite 6 ÷ 

How to divide fractions:
You can solve dividing fraction statements in 3 ways too.

One way we can solve 6 ÷ 1/2 is making a number line. Each point is 1/2. Each hump has 1 interval. You make 12 humps to get to 6. So the answer to 6 ÷ 1/2 = 12.

The second way you can solve it is by making the second fraction a whole by multiplying it by a reciprocal which gives you a product of 1. Then take that fraction and multiply with the other fraction.

Reciprocals is a fraction that when multiplied by another fraction gives a product of 1.

How do you model 9 ÷ 1/3? You can model it by making 9 squares and splitting into thirds. After doing that you can count how many squares there are or you can multiply  9 by 3 which gives you 27.  
How do you solve 1/2 ÷  2/1?

You have to share 1/2 between 2 groups. You have a 1/2 and you need to half the half and get 1/4 as seen in the picture
Another way you can solve this is making the second fraction a reciprocal and taking 1/2 and multiply it by 1/2 and you'd get 1/4.

Here's a video about dividing fractions to help you understand it more!
Or you can go to this link to practice dividing fractions

My Test Corrections:

Question 6: In computer terminology, a bit is 1/8 of a byte. How many equal 16 bytes?

I got this question wrong because I multiplied 1/8 by 16 and I got the answer of 2. Instead I should've divided 1/8 by 16 to get the answer of 128 bits. 
Question 9, 10 11: Use a question, picture and math to solve the following questions.

In these three questions I lost a mark because I forgot to put a question for each. So, in total I lost one mark for each question. The questions that I should have put was:

Question 9: 5/6 x 1/2
What is 5/6 groups of 1/2?

Question 10: 1/4 ÷ 1/3

How many groups of 1/3 are in 1/4?

Question 11: 5/8 ÷ 1/4

How many groups of 1/4 are in 5/8?


  1. Great post, Jalaire! I like how you explained with words and pictures. I really understood it better. I like how you added a video and a link too. That game is pretty convenient for practicing. As always, excellent job!

  2. I liked how you explained it with pictures and words. I also liked how you added a link and a video. I understand what it mean. Good job.

  3. Good job Jalaire, I like how you explained it with pictures and words. I also liked the link and video.

  4. Good Job Jalaire! It made more sense to me when you showed it with pictures and words! The video was great too! Good job

  5. I like how you put a lot of details and explanations! Your post is very neat and easy to understand! I liked how you showed your work, and had words, a video, a link, and pictures! I also like how you made your pictures pop out! Good Job Jalaire!

  6. Great work, Jalaire! I like how it's so detailed. You have words, pictures, and a video which completes the post. I can understand this more. Nice job!