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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anthony's Scribe Post

In class today we learned to divide fraction's, how to model them, put them on  a number line and how to rewrite them in 3 ways

3 ways to rewrite a fraction:

How Divide Fractions:

You can solve dividing fractions statements in 3 ways 

The first way you can solve 6 divide 1/2 is to make a number line. The interval in this number is 1/2, so you make 12 bumps to get to 6, The answer is 12. 

The second way you can solve it by is by 
making 1/2 a whole, you can make it
a whole by multiplying it by a reciprocal 
which gives you 1. Then take that fraction 
and multiple with the other fraction.

The third way of solving it is to make a model,
make 6 squares then you split it in to half, then 
you count the rectangles and the answer is 12

How to solve 1/2 divide by 2:

  You share 1/2 between 2. You have
  1/2 so you half the half then you share 
   it and you get 1/4. 

Here a video about dividing fractions 


  1. Nice post, Anthony! I like how you have clear explanations and you included pictures. I also like the fact you included a video. Next time, add a link to something useful. Overall, great job!

  2. I like how you made things easy to understand! I also liked that your post is neat and you show your work! You had a picture, words and a video. I think you should also add a link next time! Good Job!

  3. I really liked your presentation, especially your video. The video was very understandable. I think your only a link away from a perfect math post!