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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ashlyn's Scribepost for November 28

Scribepost a la 28 de November
Yay!!!! Finally I can do this again!!
I will do all three ways for each of the questions I will be doing for the scribepost so you can check for which ever way you have decided to write this out.
Here are my examples from the first column:
Question 1:
(-9) + (+6) = (-3)
1. The first way to do this is integer chips. The positives are represented as "dots" while the negatives are "circles"

This is a positive integer chip:

This is a negative integer chip:

First, we start with a negative 9 because that is what we started with, then we show we have 6. Then we show our final sum of negative 3.

This model shows we have 9 negative chips and we have 6 positive chips. The box contains 6 of the negatives we originally had and the 6 positives we have. These are called zero pairs. A zero pair is a negative integer and a positive integer making a sum of 0. They cancel each other out in value. It shows we have (-3) left over.

2. Another way is to use a number line, a scale model to represent what you have and what you end up with.

This model shows that we start at zero (we ALWAYS start at zero, mathematical rule) we have negative 9. Then we show we add positive 6 and there are negative 3 left over.

3. The last way to show this, in a way most of us would understand, in using money. When we have a negative amount of integers, we say we owe. When we have a positive amount of integers, we say we have.

We owe 9 dollars and we have 6 dollars. I now owe 3 dollars.

This model appears easier for some people to understand because everyone uses money. Everyone understands owing an amount or having an amount and then either owing or having more or less.

Question 2:
(+5) + (-7) = (-2)
1. We use the same three methods described above, except we use different - valued integers.
2. The number line

3. The money technique

I have 5 dollars and I owe 7 dollars. I now owe 2 dollars.

Question 3:
(-4) + (+6) = (+2)

1. Integer chips

2. Number Line

3. Money

I owe 4 dollars and I have 6 dollars. I now have 2 dollars.

 Thank you for reading this and I hope to read your comments so I can improve my work.


  1. I like how you added colour to make your post more interesting! You did a really good job with your explanations! It really helped! You also had a lot of pictures, along with words! Next time I think you should add a video and/or link that relates to what we're learning. Overall, Well Done!

  2. Great job Ashlyn! I like how your pictures are a great size, and your explanation is a good font. Next time, maybe add a video and a link on how to do integers. But, good post!