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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jessica's Interger Post

Hello <3
My Scribepost
Hope You Enjoy It <3

So what I'm going to show you first is 

(+7) + (-1)

So In This Picture It Shows You The Number Line...
The Number Line Is 1 of 3 ways to find the answer...
The Number line is one of the probably the hardest ways to do it, if your like most people.. Some people are different..

 Money is probably the simplest for most people because most of us use money everyday 
Have         Owe
   7                1

If you have 7 and you owe 1 you have 6 dollars...
 If you have more than you owe then you will have a positive number 
but if you owe more then you have it will be a negative number..
The Next Question I'll Be Doing Is 

(-7) + (+8)

This Is The
Number Line...


So You Have More Than You Owe To Your Answer Will Me A Possitive Number

Have     Owe 
  8            7 

Now Question #3

The Question is (-2) + (-2)
Number Line 


Have    Owe
    0          4

So you have more than you owe which means... that your answer will be a negitive number.. ,3 

Thank you please leave your comments behind to help meeee (:


1 comment:

  1. Good Job Jessica!I like how your pictures are easy to understand. I also like that you showed it step by step. But next time add a link and a video. Good job!