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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tommy's Integers Post

3 questions.

I will answer 3 questions with 1 different way for each.

Way 1. A number line.
1. (-6) + (+8)
Way 2. You can use words/money to help you.
2. (-8) + (+7)

Way 3. You can use circles. There are 2 different circles, a shaded one, and a non-shaded one. The shaded ones are positive, and the non-shaded ones are negative.
3. (-7) + (+9)

Hope these tips taught you how to add positive and negative integers.

Here is a video that may help you with 


  1. Good Job Tommy! All of your pictures I nice and clear to read. But, next time maybe add a link and video of integers. Good job!

  2. Great job, Tommy. I like how comprehensible your pictures are. Next time, add a link.