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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ashlyn's Fraction Scribepost

Scribepost of November 13

 Today in class we were learning how to divide with fractions. Our question we were doing was 6 divided by 1/2. If you were writing this out as a proper question, you would say, "How many times does 1/2 go into 6. One way you may solve is 6/1 divided by 1/2, then divide those up to get an answer of 6/0.5. Since this is unacceptable, we must convert it 12/1, or 12. Another way to solve this is 6/1 x 2/1 = 12. The reason why it works is because we know that a whole number divided into a fraction has to produce a larger value than what we started with, because 6 divided by 1 = 6. Since !/2 is less than 1, we must assume that our answer is more than 1, correct? If we split this by making 6 whole groups, we can see that we can fit 12 halves can fit all together. If you still don't understand, please watch the video below: Test Correction of Math: Question Five: In computer terminology, a bit is an 1/8 of a byte. How many bits equal 16 bytes?
Original Response:

This is how you should get the correct response:

I also got the last three questions wrong. Here are the answers.
a) 5/6 x 1/2 = 5/12
What is one half of 5/6?

b) 1/4 / 1/3 = 3/4
How many groups of 1/3 go into 1/4?

c) 5/8 / 1/4 = 2 1/2
How many groups of a quarter go into 5/8?
Here is a link to another math website (don't worry, it shall work)

For more information click here.

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  1. Nice post, Ashlyn! I like how you gave a good, worded explanation on how to divide fractions. I also like how you added a video. Next time, you should add a picture and a link to something useful. Overall, good job!

  2. Good post, Ashlyn! I like how you included a video about fractions so I can understand what you were trying to explain. Next time you should include link to a website. One part that I didn't quite understand was when you were explaining on how you can get the answer, so I think you should add a picture next time.

  3. Great post Ashlyn! I like how you added a video, so I can understand! But next time you should add a picture so I can get an example of what you are doing. But still great job!

  4. I like how you made things a little understandable and that you had a video. You also explained a lot! Next time add some pictures and a link to something good, also you should make your explanations a bit clearer. Good Job!

  5. Nice work, Ashlyn! I like how you added a video to your post. It explains a lot. But it would be great to add a photo for an example. Great job!