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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pamela Espiritu's Proportion Post

Part 1:

Ratio- Comparative value of two or more amounts. 


Rate- A ratio that compares quantities measured in different units. 


Proportion- A comparison of two quantities that have different units of measure. 


Part 2:

1. 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about  ____ km/h. 

2. Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns. Emma earned $75 last week. How much did Emma save last week? 

Part 3:

What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statements are true?

3/4 = 12/16

Part 4: 

Part 5:

 1. No.
 2. No, does not seem just and fair.
 3. The homeless man only stole $100 and he returned it back. While the CEO is going to prison for only 40 months after stealing $3 billion, which he didn't return. $100 compared to $3 billion is a huge difference.
 4. If I was the judge I would've gave him 1-2 weeks of community service, because he returned the money back.



Q: How tall is the tree on the right?
A: The average height of a 12 year old boy is about 5'2. The boy is about 3 times of a tree.
     So, 5.2 x 3 = 15.6. The tree is about 15.6 ft. tall.


  1. my impression was "i think you did a good job on your post, i learned alot form your post. i think the ones you did well was part one the definitions. when you described the definitions, i understand what it describes and your examples are very good. another thing i thought you did excellent was when you did "find 3 ways to show the fraction" i learned that you can use the baseball bat for one of them and the horizontal and vertical in fractions. one thing you could have done better was the video, i couldnt really understand what the lady was trying to say. but other wise great job on your post :)

  2. In my opinion, I thik you did really well. Everything seems to be fine. I liked how you used examples for your definition. And I like how you bolded the importand words. Everything is good. Good job! :)

  3. My overall impression is that I find it really confusing but after I read the instructions it all made sense. My 3 stars are putting a picture as my examples. Another thing I think I did well is that I have labels. The last thing I think I did well is that the important words were either bold or had color. My one wish is that I could’ve done my own video.