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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soklang's Proportion Post

PART 1- definitions 

Ratio-A comparison of 2 quantities that have the same unit of measure.

Rate-  A comparison of 2 quantities that have different units of measure.


 Proportion-An equation which states that two ratios are equal. 1000 km/ per 100 hours

PART 2-Copy these questions into your post.  Answer them using proportion statements.

 1) 5 hours to travel 360 kilometers is about _____km/h
2) Emma saves 28 cents of every dollar that she earns.  Emma earned $75 last week.  How much money did Emma save last week?

PART 3-What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statements are true?

  PART 4-Find a video about using proportion and embed it in your posts



 1) it not fair at all.
 2) it dose not seem fair and just
 3) this isn't fair because the homeless man stole $100 to live and he was sent to jail for 15 years. on the other hand the CEO was sent to jail for only 40 MONTHS for $3 billion fraud.
 4) if i were the judge i would have sent the CEO for 25 years of fraud. for the homeless man i wouldn't send him to jail i would sentence him not guilty and let him free.

bonus question

  question: how tall is the trees.
answer: i guessed that this boy is about 12 years old. So i did some research and i found that an average 12 year old boy is about 5'3 so i did some calculations. if you stacked the boy in front of the trees there would be 3 boy stacked on top of each other.

5.3x3=15.9. so the trees must be 15.9 ft tall.


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