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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jalaire's We Day Experience

My overall experience:
Just before the night of We Day, I knew my perspective of the world will change. Then finally as I was getting ready to go to We Day, my excitement was overwhelming. When we arrived at the MTS centre the first thing that came to my mind was Spencer West. The person I’ve always been wanting to see ever since I got to have the opportunity to participate in We Day. Finally, it was about to start; counting down from 10. Then it began, I was already amazed of how many people were at We Day. I was most excited to see al the performances and hear the speeches. Yelled at the top of my lungs for most part of it, and stayed calm and listened to the speeches carefully. I've learned so much things about We Day and what people experienced. Some were touching and some were inspirational. All different and unique.

Having to experience We Day live and hearing all the inspirational speakers literally convinced me in taking part in the event that will happen all year long. From the very first speaker to the last inspired me to not only take action, but to spread the word to everyone in my community. Though, many people didn’t see it live and didn’t have the same feeling I had, I can share all I learned and inspire them instead. 18 000 students got to attend and if everyone shared their feelings to their community, we can and will make a change, not only in our community but for sure globally.
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Speakers who impacted you:
Every single speaker who came up on the stage and shared their experiences impacted me to take action and make a change. One of those people was Molly Burke.

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When Jesse came out and escorted Molly onto the stage, I exploded with feels because she was getting escorted by him. When she started talking about how she was bullied in her middle school years, I felt so sad for her. She had a strong voice, she stood up to bullies, but when she got bullied no one was there to stand up for her. I honestly don’t get why bullies take their time and insult people and try to hurt them, not only their feelings but also physically. When she mentioned she was blind, I don’t how sad I felt for her. She’s gone through so many things and can still keep a smile. She became one of the many people I inspire after hearing her story. Her story stood out to me, because she was someone who was close to our age. If I imagined I was in her place, I wouldn’t have taken everything as well as she did. 

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Another person that impacted me was Spencer West. Before even coming to We Day and listening to his speech, he was already the person that was most inspirational to me. The quote that convinced to go and try out for we was his, and it went like this, “Just because the world tell us that something is impossible doesn’t mean we have to believe it. Finally when Spencer West arrived on the stage I was feeling overwhelmed to finally hear his stories and see him. I see him as a very strong person, not by appearance but by heart. He didn’t give up on anything he did, he pushed himself to the limit. He did something impossible, and made it possible for everyone. He climbed the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. As he talked about his trials and experiences he had while climbing mountain, made me think of his quote again. His words are so powerful and life changing.

Shawn Desman - Nobody Does It Like You

Lights - Toes

Victoria Duffield - Break my Heart

All Star Weekend - Not Your Birthday

Justin Nozuka

Tyler Shaw - Kiss Goodnight

Rob Nash

One Drop

All of the performers were ecstatic! From the singers to the dancers to even the rope dancer. One of the performers that stood out to me was Victor Duffield. I knew her from the Next Star. I never even would’ve imagined she’d get so big; from one little audition to being a huge superstar. Her dancing and singing got me on my toes, it was so lively and was very overwhelming. Another performance I loved was by Taylor Shaw. From a guy just entering coca cola covers contest and now being known across Canada is just amazing! His voice was angelic, it was nice to hear. So smooth and the lyrics were very meaningful. He has really great guitar skills and I’m glad I’ve got to hear him live. All the performers were awesome, but from my opinion these two stood out to me the most.

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Last but not least. The two brothers who started this all. Marc and Craig Kielburger.
Been 5 years since this event started, and it is already been so successful. They've announced that We Day will not only be in Canada but it will go around the world. This has been great success. More people that know about this, more chances of making bigger differences around the world.

With the MuchMusic VJs! <3
We got an opportunity to take a picture with 2 of the MuchMusic VJs who were at the We Day. 

Law of the Few

Law of Will:  "Never Retreat, Never Explain and Never Apologize" -Nellie McClung. Everyone has a right.

Law of We:
We can make a change if we do it all together, nothing is impossible if we give it are all and never give up.

Giving a little act of kindness can be a big change to someone in need. The change starts with us. We can make a difference, but we will need a handful of people to help us start that change. Just because we're still in our youth doesn't mean we can't step up and make a difference. We are the generation to make the world a better place. So take a chance and step up and make a difference.  

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