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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ariel's Scribe post

When subtracting integers, you have to do the following steps so that life is easier:
For an example we will use:
(+97) - (-61)

1. Find the equivalent statement.
Before you all go "Whoa, It's magic" or "This will be impossible" I'll explain how to do this.
a) You have to keep the first number the same
b) You have to convert the operation (in this case subtracting) to its opposite (addition)
c) Change the symbol of the second number from negative to positive or the other way around
In case you can't understand what I am writing here is a picture:

2. Using the information from step one, make a number line. Please do not draw to scale when you have gigantic numbers.
a) Start with zero
b) Go to the first number (97)
c) Draw an arrow going from the first number to either right (if second number is positive) or left (if second number is negative)

3. Finally, subtract or add the 2 numbers so you can find the answer of the question.
a) This is self-explanatory


4. Now fill in the empty space on the number line

Now let's try this on different problems:
(+11) - (+43) and (+97) - (+75)

(+11) - (+43) = (+11) + (-43)

Number line:



(+97) - (+75) = (+97) + (-75)

Number Line:



If you are still having issues, here's a video:

Here's a link if you want further help.

Thank you, I hope that this helped

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  1. Good job Ariel! Your pictures were nice and organized. I also liked how you had a link and a video. Good job