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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jandro's Pay it Forward

Part 1:
 What is Pay it Forward?
Pay it Forward is a movie that shows how grade 8 students that we are capable to make a difference. In this movie a boy named Trevor is an ordinary grade 7 student but he little does he know that one day his classroom assignment would change the face of America. His grade 7 social studies teacher gives the class an assignment that focuses on how they can be better citizens and people and how they can change the world. Trevor's brilliant yet simple idea called "pay it forward" is somewhat like a chain reaction that starts of with one person doing a simple act of kindness to 3 different people and then he tells those 3 people to "pay it forward". After that those 3 people do an act of kindness to 3 other people which makes 9, then those 9 people turn into 27 and so on and so on and so on. His simple act of kindness and the creative mind he had equaled to an inspirational movement to make a better wold. As grade 8 student we live in a generation that is messed up. This movie tells us to not get caught up on being greedy or  having a selfish ambition. We are capable of making change because if that kid in that movie can do it then we can too. Just simple acts of kindness like helping a neighbor or donating to a charity can make you feel good, give you a good reputation and most importantly can help others. Even though Trevor dies in the movie we can still "pay it forward" so he can see his success.

Part 2:
What was your pay it forward act of kindness?
For my pay it forward I did multiple things. The first thing I did was wrapped gifts for less fortunate kids in Cuba. I also participated in "Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box", what you do here is that you you get an empty shoe box and fill it with supplies like soap and school supplies and other things that desperate children around the world need. Another thing I did was go to my grandpa and grandmas house and wash there dishes. The last thing I did was that my mother and I prepared a Christmas Hamper for a needy family.

Why did you do these activities?
I chose to wrap gifts for the kids in Cuba because the last time my father went there for a business trip he saw that the poverty level there is very high and that kids were very poor. He also said they are still thankful for what they have even though they have nothing. So I decided to do this just out of generosity to see a smile on there face when they get a Christmas present and since my dad is going back to Cuba, I told him to give it to the less fortunate kids. I also chose to donate a shoe box full of supplies to Operation Christmas Child because they donate these items to less fortunate kids around the world. I have personally seen poverty, and knowing that I can help a kid somewhere around the world makes me feel good and warms my heart to imagine the smile on there faces when they get the supplies they desperately need. The reason why I also helped my grandpa and grandma with the dishes is because they have done so much for me and there home is like my second home and the least I can do for them is to wash dishes after we eat our meal and keep them company so they don't get lonely since there son lives in Calgary now. Another reason why I prepared a Christmas hamper is because I don't want to imagine going through the Christmas season with financial struggle and no food on the table.

 Who did you help?
I helped kids in Cuba who are really poor and I really hope that the presents I gave them put a smile on there face. I also helped kids around the world that really need supplies and I pray that they will be safe and will benefit from those supplies the dearly need. I even helped my grandpa and grandma because I know they have helped me throughout my whole life and I'm just returning the favor and hope that I put a smile on there face. I also helped a family with a baby, toddler and a young youth child with a mom and dad that are new immigrants from India.

Who did you do?
I wrapped toys for kids in Cuba, put some soap bars, pencils, tooth brushes, pencil crayons and many other things in a shoebox that goes to Operation Christmas Child, helped my grandparents out with the dishes at there home and put some non perishable foods for the Christmas Hamper in a box for needy people in the city.

When did you do this act of kindness?
I did this act of kindness on December 2nd, 2012 from 1:00pm to 7pm

Part 3:

How did your act of kindness go?

It went very well, I had a fun time wrapping gifts for children in Cuba and my grandparents were very proud that I was doing these things for them. Filling the shoe box was very fun too, I wanted to fill more things in but I had no more room and filling my box of food for the Christmas Hamper was awesome because you get that feeling where you want to give more but you have no more to give. 

 What happened?

Well after school my mother and I started wrapping the gifts for Cuba then we started filling the shoe box full of supplies and we plan to send it and pay for the shipping on Monday because we were so busy preparing all the stuff we were going to send and wrapping presents took longer than expected . After that we went to my grandparents house for a visit and after we ate I cleaned all there dishes. After that my mother and I filled a box with food for the Christmas Hamper at my moms work so she can give the box of food to her manager and then they will give the food to the recipient. I couldn't go with my mother because the hospital doesn't allow kids in the main office. I was pretty sad that I couldn't go but knowing that food went to a good cause made me feel better

How did you feel?

I felt so good after giving and helping out these charities and people. Knowing that I helped by doing a simple deed made me feel like I made a small difference. Knowing that a child in Cuba will smile and that a kid somewhere in the world will benefit from those supplies in a shoebox and knowing my grandparents know that I love them makes me feel so motivated to do this more. If you ask me " would you do it again" I would say heck ya because I want to make a change, I want to help and I  want to be known as a kind person.

How did the person feel?

While I was at my grandparents house, they were very happy I was washing there dishes and were very thankful they had a grandchild like me which made me very proud inside. I think that the kids in Cuba will be so happy and thankful and jumping with joy because they would know that someone in the world cares for them, and even though I cant see the family from India personally, I picture them to be very thankful and happy when they get there food from the food hamper and the kids that are getting the shoebox full of supplies will be happy and thankful.


Did you ask them to "pay it forward"

Yes and I explained to my grandparents what pay it forward means and they really understood what it meant and hopefully they will "pay it forward". I couldn't really ask the other charities I went to "to pay it forward" because I wanted to go to the people that I'm helping to personally say to "pay it forward".

Part 4:

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?

I think "pay it forward" is important because as the youth and fresh young children of the world we need to show that with simple good deeds and actions we can make a difference. It also shows us to be thankful and enjoy what we have in life because some people don't have what we have. We should not expect something in return when we do a good deed or action, instead the only thing we should want from that person is for him/her to "pay it forward" and do a good deed for someone else.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?

I believe it has truly made a difference of how I look at myself as a citizen and it makes me think twice before judging a homeless man on the street. I may have done something small but it feels good to do something for someone even if its a small thing. I made a difference by wrapping gifts for poor children in Cuba, I filled a shoe box filled with supplies that will help a needy kid somewhere in the world, I helped my grandparents with the dishes and I filled a Christmas Hamper box with non-perishable foods for new immigrants that have just entered Canada. Though this act is small, I hope that I brought joy to a child and its family.

To end this off I just wanna say that we have everything we can possibly want in life, we have a family we have a home, some people don't have anything so we shouldn't be selfish and greedy but we should share our blessings and give some of our blessings to those who need a blessing. :) 

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