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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camille's Pay It Forward

Camille's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Pay it forward means helping someone without getting something in return. Pay it forward is something like giving money to someone that is poor or homeless. But the person you helped out must "Pay it Forward" to 3 other people. And the 3 other people must Pay it forward to 9 other people and it goes on and on. This is what I think "Pay It Forward" means.

Part 2:

What was my Pay It Forward Act of Kindness?

Ashly, Carla and I went to the Salvation Army thrift store and donated clothes that we didn't want or was too small for us. 

Why did you choose this activity?

We chose this activity because we thought about the poor people and children that don't have clothes this Christmas time. There are people out there that have very thin clothing on and don't have a home to stay for this cold Christmas time.This is like our Christmas gift to whoever gets our clothing.

Who did you help?

I helped people in Winnipeg city that can't afford clothes because they are too expensive.

What did you do? 

I donated clothes to the Salvation Army.

When did you do your act of kindness?

We did our act of kindness on Friday, November the 30th, 2012.

"Paying It Forward"

Part 3:

How did your act of kindness go?

My act of kindness went really well. The fact that I'm helping someone out makes me really happy and very proud of myself. I helped someone in need this Christmas, 2012. :)

What happened?

Carla, Ashly and I decided to donate clothes to the Salvation Army Thrift store on Ellice street at Friday, November 30, 2012.

How did you feel?

As I said before, I felt very proud of myself because I helped someone in need this Christmas.

How did the person or people react?

The employees at Salvation Army were happy that we donated clothes but a bit confused when we told them we were "Paying it forward." They had no idea what Pay It Forward meant. So then we explained to them what it meant. We told them that "Pay it forward" meant doing or giving something to someone in need and not getting anything in return. And that the person we helped out had to Pay it forward also to 3 other people.

Did you ask the person to Pay It Forward?

No, we did not tell them to Pay it Forward.

If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward", how come?

I didn't ask to "Pay it Forward" because I know the employees at the Salvation Army are already Paying it Forward everyday when they work there. They Pay it Forward by selling all sorts of things at such a low price. Most things there are around $1.99 or $2.00.

Part 4:

Why is the ideas of "Pay It Forward" important?

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because you are helping out the community.

Has you're act of kindness made a difference?

My act of kindness has made a difference because I know people that really need help, help other people that don't need help, instead of themselves. That means that they are not selfish people and that they are "Paying it Forward".

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