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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dylan's Pay It Forward

Part 1 

what is pay it forward :

 Pay it Forward is about helping random people and telling them to repay you with an act of kindness this is called paying it forward 

Part 2 what was your random  act of kindness 

My act of kindness was shoveling for 4 different places one was a Nebr and the other three were for a day cares 3 diiferent centers the day care that i did this for was Wild Strawberry day care. 

Why did you choose your activity  

I chose my activity because it was going to snow so I wanted to make the snow seem less inpactful because the Nebr is an old lady and she doesn't have any one to do it for her so I cleaned out behind her house so she could put her garbage away easier. The other place I choose (Wild Strawberry) is because I went there went I was a little kid so I went there and did that to repay them for taking care of me 

IMG_20121125_173855.jpg IMG_20121125_174718.jpg IMG_20121125_181550.jpg
IMG_20121125_172154.jpg IMG_20121125_172803.jpg IMG_20121125_173624.jpg
IMG_20121125_171126.jpg IMG_20121125_171329.jpg IMG_20121125_171516.jpg
 IMG_20121125_182832.jpg IMG_20121125_183842.jpg IMG_20121125_184336.jpg
 IMG_20121125_182849.jpg IMG_20121125_183253.jpg IMG_20121125_183920.jpg

How did your act of kindness go 

it was fun because I did it with my dad it made the time go faster

How did the people/person react to your act of kindness 

All of the peaople i did this for thanked me for doing it so yeah they were really happy 

How did you ask the people/ person to pay it forward 

I didn't ask the day care to pay it forward because they already do it on a daily basis. I asked Nebr Ana to pay it forward when she can when ever she can 

Why is the idea of pay it forward important

To spread good things or to help others that are in need of help 

Has your act of kindness made made a difference  

It made a little difference in my community 

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