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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dylan`s Multiplying integer scribe post

Hey every body what well i got or a scribe post today was the odd numbers of pages 296 and 297 so heres the first two

this is what i did for the odd questions on 296
the first one was this

1.Darcy modelled (+7) × (+3) on a number line by drawing seven
arrows. Ishnan modelled (+7) × (+3) on a number line by
drawing only three arrows. Explain Ishnan’s thinking

My answer was this : She is showing 7 groups of 3 which 7x3 really is

The last question on 296 was some what the same and here it is

2.Without doing any calculations, Wei said that -19 and +27 have
the same product as +19 and -27. How did she know?
again my answer was: She knew this because -19 and 19 have the same value but different place values the same goes for 27 and -27

thats what is did for question 5 a

here's question 5 b

the last and final question is the easiest
A) 10x4=40
B) 2x9=18

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  1. Good job Dylan! I liked your pictures, because they were easy to read. But next time maybe add a video and a link to something good. Overall good job!