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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jalaire's Pay it Forward

Part 1 - What is Pay it Forward?

Pay it Forward is a movie that all of the grade 8's watched, together. The movie was about a boy in grade 7 named Trevor. It was the first day of school, Trevor had Social Studies. They had a new teacher, he gave them an assignment to do for the whole school year. The project was to think of an idea to change the world, and put that idea into action. When it was Trevor's turn to present his idea was called, "Pay it Forward." It's a chain of action that started with him doing a good deed to three people and asking nothing in return. From there, the three people pay it forward to another 3 people and the chain continues. Trevor had no idea how big his idea got, it spread throughout the United States. He didn't get to see his success. So, we the grade 8's will continue to spread out his idea, Pay it Forward.

Part 2 

What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
My Pay it Forward act of kindess was give give goodie bags to the Children's Hospital Foundation to give it to the kids that were sick. We also donated $5 in the Children's Hospital Foundation donation box. We bought a key chain at a little gift shop close by and the money they got goes to the Children's Hospital Research Foundation. 

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because, I know how sad I would've been if all I did all day was to lay down on a bed do nothing. I would've been happy if someone took their time and effort to prepare stuff for me. 

Who did you help?
I helped kids at hospital who are sick and maybe lonely and hopefully made them smile by the stuff I've prepared for them. 

What did you do?
I made and bought goodie bags to give to the Children's Hospital Foundation. I put chocolates, small toys, erasers, pencils, notepads, and candies!

When did you do this act of kindness?
I did this act of kindness on November 30th at about 12:00 pm to 12:40 pm with Gabbey and Bethel. 


Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?
It went really well. The people at the Children's Hospital Foundation were really nice. I think that what we did made a kid happy and smile and made a difference because of this. 

What happened?
Our act of kindness took about 3 days to complete. We started off by going to Dollarama on November 26 after school and buying all the treats we were going to put in the bags. On the 28th of November we went to Bethel's house to organize the treats that took us about 2 and a half hours to do. Before we started we contacted the Children's Hospital Foundation and left a message saying that we will drop off goodie bags on November 30th at lunch.We made 16 goodie bags, 8 for guys and 8 for girls. Each bag had a card, on the card we put encouraging quotes and greeting them an early Christmas. On November 29th we got a call back from Tonia, she's a person who works at the Foundation. She asked questions about the stuff we put in the bags and asked if we knew how to get there. The next day, November 30th at 11:50 we left the school and drove off to the hospital. When we got there, Tonia greeted us and we gave the stuff. She asked us about our project, "Pay it Forward" and we explained what it was. Before we left she asked if she could take a picture of us, so that they could put it on their Facebook page and spread the word about Pay it Forward, so that other people can get inspired too. Before we left, we donated $5 in the donation box. Then we went to a gift shop and bought a keychain. The money they from there, they give it to the Children's Hospital Research Foundation. After we took photos and then we were almost late for school.

How did you feel?
I felt amazing! Just imagine, by a simple deed you can make a change. Making a child smile is probably the best feeling you can ever get. Though we weren't able to see their faces when they receive it, we know that we made a difference and made them smile.

How did the person/people feel?
While we were there, we knew that the people there were very thankful. Tonia thanked us a lot. She was saying that what we were doing is very inspirational. She was really happy and thankful. Hopefully the children felt the same. 

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay it Forward"? 
No we didn't, but we did explain what Pay it Forward was. Hopefully they thought about it though. But, on the caption they put on their Facebook page they explained what we did and hopefully inspired the people who read it, to do the same. 

Part 4

Why is the idea "Pay it Forward" important?
I think Pay it Forward is important because it teaches a lesson to people that not everything is easy to get and we shouldn't just think of ourselves, instead we should help out others and asking for nothing in return but, instead for them to Pay it Forward.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
Yes, I think my act of kindness has made a difference though, it didn't make a BIG difference, it still made some action. We made the a difference by donating money and giving goodie bags to sick children in the hospital and made them smile and joyful by this small act. 

By ending this; how about Paying it Forward? It starts with you. Do a small act of kindness, who knows, maybe instead of making a small difference it makes a big one. 

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