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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Luis' Pay it Forward

Part One
Pay it Forward is a movement that started with one act of kindness. This act of kindness has then led to another act and so forth. In the movie it shows a child wanting to create a difference in the world but had to overcome difficulties. He eventually overcomes these challenges and succeeds in changing his community and other parts of the world.

Part Two
My Pay it Forward act of Kindness was donating a book to the Christmas Cheer Board during the 12 days of Sargent Park Christmas. I chose this activity because it would benefit other less fortunate people by donating this book.

Part Three
My act of kindness went well considering it was just one book. I do not know ho the person who received the book felt since I put it in the bin in the classroom. I did not ask the person to pay it forward since I did not give it to them personally.

Part Four
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because a simple act leads to another, causing this chain reaction. Another reason why this is important is because it helps less fortunate people in need. My act of kindness made a difference to the person receiving it since they probably can't afford it themselves.

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