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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tina's Scribepost

Today in class we learned how to model multiplying integers, how to say them in words, and the different types you can multiply by, such as (+)x(+)=(+), (-)x(-)=(+), (+)x(-)=(-), and (-)x(+)=(-). These are the examples in class:

The other example we used in class was....

As you can see there are different ways to also say the multiplication statements for integers.
Here are 4 different questions, but they have 4 different ways to state these questions.

Now here are my 4 questions that I decided to do. I picked each of the different types so hopefully you can understand better. (I will only do the modeling!)
Also if these are very easy numbers, I apologize because I just took the first ones I saw that I haven't done yet.

If you still don't understand click over here!
If you STILL don't understand watch this video!

I hope you understood more about multiplying integers!

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  1. Good job Tina! Your pictures are really organized, and I can see what you're showing. I also I like your link and the video! Good job